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2023/24 Ski Season Luxury Edit
Winter Activities & Experiences

Whichever ski resort you choose for your next luxury ski holiday we want to make sure we can offer you a huge selection of wonderful indoor and outdoor activities and bespoke experiences for all ages and types of clients.


Explore our selection of the top 7 activities and specific locations where you can do them (in no particular order).


Heli Ski or Heli Board Sessions

available iSwitzerland, Italy, Austria, Iceland, Spain, USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand

This is a truly unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary. Private helicopters, piloted by the best, ensure your arrival at the stunning mountain peaks is not just safe but also etched in your memory as a thrilling, awe-inspiring adventure.


Prepare to descend over 3,000 meters through some of the most majestic glacial and mountain terrains. The signposted routes have been scouted and devised by the best ski and snowboard professionals.

We have contacts with the most reliable and safe heli-ski professionals and operators around the world. Make your winter dream come true and explore the mountains another way.

Dog Drawn Sleigh

available in nearly all ski destinations

Channel your inner Jack London and dive into a magical world with the sights and sounds of the far north… Step into this unique, ancestral snowsport as if you were joining a joyful dance to a rhythm provided by the barking of your new, already loyal companions.

An adventure that will have all ages marvelling as they discover the musher’s unique passion and love for their dogs. A bond quickly forms with the animals: you’re there for them as much as they’re there for you. This is communication on a primal level, through simple, affectionate gestures. As the team sets off, the snow-capped trees and plains roll by faster and faster, giving the sledge passengers an undeniable sense of joy and freedom, which they share with their four-legged friends.

Husky-dog-sledge-Courchevel-Pierre Thiaville-Hiver-2028-12-19-trimmed.jpg
toboganning-Courchevel-Pierre Thiaville-Hiver-2028-12-19.jpg

Sledging and Toboganning (Day & Night)

available in nearly all ski destinations

Spend some memorable time with friends or family and have a whale of a time together. Embark on a sledging adventure down steep trails that ensure tingling nerves and enjoyment for young and old alike. 

For groups and families, whether day or night tobogganing, the destinations offer tobogganing slopes for every taste. The well-prepared toboggan runs go over adventurous routes, through snow-covered fairytale landscapes with wonderful views of the valley. Restaurants and snow bars along the way invite you to linger and enjoy.


Tobogganing under the moonlight in a special winter experience! Enjoy a delicious fondue first and then race down the mountain on your toboggan. 

Heli Transfers and Panoramic Flights

available in nearly all ski destinations

Treat yourself to a panoramic view from the sky an embark on a private helicopter ride above a snow-covered paradise.

Soar through the crisp mountain air and experience the thrill as the fairytale winter landscape unfolds beneath you. The untouched powder fields and the charming villages nestled among the peaks will captivate you as you climb steadily higher so the once towering mountain peaks are at eye-level.  

helicopter-ride-Courchevel-Maxime Lullo-Hiver-2028-03-29.jpg

Gastronomic Experience in the Mountains

dining experiences are unique to the ski destination

We design private, extraordinary dining experiences tailored exclusively for you. Imagine secluded mountain chalets, charming slope-side restaurants, historic medieval castles, or exquisite dinners beneath a blanket of stars.


Elevate your culinary adventure with a Michelin-starred chef who will craft a personalised masterpiece just for you, or savour the finest wines in private cellars. For a touch of magic, we can even arrange a picnic beneath the celestial canopy, right in the heart of the slopes. Your dreams fuel our imagination, and together, we'll create the perfect dining experience in a winter wonderland.


available in nearly all ski destinations

Explore hidden alpine wonders, from secluded forest trails to majestic mountain vistas

Slow down and enjoy the fairytale magic of the winter wonderland around you with a journey not on skis, snowboard or toboggan, but snowshoes. Ideal if you dream of going for winter's walk, snowshoes make it easier.

Using modern snowshoes you will avoid sinking deeply into the snow so that walking in a winter mountain environment is a less strenuous experience.

snowshoeing-2Courchevel-David André-Hiver-2026-04-27.jpg


available in nearly all ski destinations

Paragliding offers you the full package of adrenaline and pleasure. It is the indescribable feeling of freedom, the connection with nature and the incredible happiness to explore the fascinating mountain world from above, together with the eagles.

Winter Dreams Come True

Experience unparalleled luxury and design your winter ski holiday with Helentours Concierge Management.

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