Gaining new experience, broadening one’s horizons, seeing different cultures first hand is the very essence of travel but sometimes our clients seek a particular challenge, a special type of vacation, an experience that is totally new. For some people this might mean high-octane thrills, for others this might involve a combination of spa pampering and personally guided sight-seeing and cultural tours all topped up with the best in tender loving care.


We pride ourselves on providing the range of experiences to suit everyone, of any age and with any interest.


So if you happen to be a foodie, we can offer gastronomic delights on both sides of the table – not only can you explore and consume new delicacies but you can improve your cooking skills under the direction of top chefs. You might choose a week-long course developing particular skills or a day-long session in a niche skill such as cake decoration. For those that like fine wines or want to learn more we offer some excellent vineyard and winery tours, with plenty of wine tasting, the chance to meet winemakers personally, and with the instruction of connoisseurs.


Our clients might want to take part in safaris in different parts of the world, where they can combine the comfort of fine living with guided tours watching animals and birds in their native habitats. For those who seek adrenaline-pumping action, whether from driving fast cars or steering a monster truck over a saloon car, climbing huge heights or seeking out the highest bungee jump, we can arrange all these. Skydiving over the Lake District, paragliding under the eye of the best instructors – new challenges and fantastic experiences await and it is our pleasure to make them possible. If you want to try something new, there is the opportunity to suit every taste. Did we mention a fire-eating class in London?


Our clients come to us to provide the ultimate gift-wrapped honeymoon or romantic holiday, the perfect family travel experience including events and activities to suit everyone in the party, or travel experiences which make superb birthday and Christmas gifts.


Helentours Concierge Management offers the key to unlock experiences that are only limited by the imagination.